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PERFECT PORTRAITS by "Doctor" Marv *For Business*

Our Services at Your Location

Publicity Portraits: Head Shots

Very often, the bid is won thanks to personal contact, follow up, and a lasting photographic impression of the presenter. Use of photo business cards can make it easier for potential clients to remember your key staff, associates and sales agents. Web sites and brochures that include executive portraits and important features of your building site and products can also help with company recognition. Presenting head shots of your operating staff and action shots of that "friendly contact" shared with your happy customers, can show those assets that help to make your success possible.

So, give "Doctor" Marv a call today!

Our portable studio can be set up in a small room where individuals or couples can be photographed. Each one takes about five to ten minutes to obtain ample good poses. Generally, people can wear the colors that appeal to them, and apply make-up as desired. Our expert advice and consultation is complementary. Our "Touch-up" service is available and recommended for a more flattering look!

Studio Head Shots and touch-ups

Black & White for news publications

b&w head shot

Our "wrinkle-free" lens is always available at no extra cost.

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